Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I like Milk.

I love Milk.
Flavoured, Full cream, Hilo.
Even Soy.

I was so influenced by advertising I bought a two dollar packet of gum.
My scissors are red.
I only have three Valium left.
I do have more than three Fisherman's Friends left.
I wish fishermen had real friends, and not just friends that hang out in a packet.

I have a real leather jacket and a real pleather jacket.
I need a lamp in my room so I can scrawl in the dark and not by computer light.
Billie gave me a poster by Ralph Steadman and I have slid some typewritten parchment in between the broken shards of glass and the poster.

Sometimes I'll wake up with a whole lot of stuff in my room that I can't remember buying or stealing.

Once I woke up in someone's house in North Perth. No one was home. I didn't fuck anyone because apparently I woke up in a guys bed. It could of been a squat because I had called a friend and told her about it as it was happening, and she said, that I said, there was fuckall in the house. The only reason I remember that ever so vaguely is because she reminded me about it when we were walking on Lake St a few months ago.

I suffer severe self induced memory loss.

Suffer are a good band. So are BLKOUT.
That's some real unity there.
I should go to uni today.


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