Monday, May 18, 2009

One zone, consetty.

If you don't know by now.

Fuck 'em, I'm gonna watch you straight back.

The man of constant sorrow.

Lean back.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

If the first one's free;

The second will cost ya.

An except from today's rambling.

Spiels promotional hype zine out soon.

Cop some real talk on your fork.

"I made sure I’d only cut off half.

As I was alone in my girlfriends flat, and amidst all the packed boxes and mattresses on the floor (they were getting evicted for not paying the rent), dying was far from where my mind was wandering. Which was an interesting revelation, as dying used to always dance around in my imagination. The fantasy of the ultimate rush, that quick release of DMT, that spinal tap opening flows of rainbows and kaleidoscopes of beautiful, all encompassing death.

I remember sitting alone, on a mattress, staring out onto the East Perth skyline and watching buildings fade into mere lights and reflections of themselves. I rolled cigarette after cigarette until my body realised it was only poisoning itself with nicotine, and not quenching any thirst for it. My typewriter lay dormant on top of a phonebook or something, after a blur of nonsensical lines that made all too much sense to me at the time.

Some stupid gameshow based on pain was on television, and i started to enjoy the game of life.

I remember my girlfriend getting home.

I don’t remember throwing up, in all my gutter glory, into and around her bathroom. But if she said it happened, it must of happened.

I kind of remember the sink.

I remember sitting on the office chair in her room, the one overlooking Perth Oval with the wonderful view of the cranes, preying on our skyline.

I remember how every girl I ever had a fantasy about, was in front of me topless, dancing a hypnotizing hula dance, grass skirts slowly turning into grass clippings left on the floor, as they started nakedly mowing my then girlfriends bedroom.

Of course in actuality I was half asleep, chin on my chest, drooling like Stephen Hawking, trying to stay awake and make noises every so often so my girlfriend didn’t think I had dropped on her.

I’m surprised I’m still alive sometimes.

I guess its one thing to be alive and another to be living a life."

Sundays hey.

I need something else apart from broccoli to put in my Mi Goreng.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Podcast brain.

Crackerjack spitroast sprite image/
Given course after course obstacles to an image scrimmage/
Hockey position shows astronaut turf, food thing comes brings staff to the bath.
Handy like Thing, stuff being a laybuy ladybug/
Caste in cast iron for the role play roman/
Sparta fell out of a Trojan horse into a buffet/
Clean as young as i think I am/ mime jive election/
Except the rigs by pigs lead to radio detection/
Traffic flow Internet download/ kiss the lips of hypnotoad.

I have been busy studying.
Eat meat, it's cheaper than petrol.