Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Viva Hate.

This Charming Man obviously was in a Panic after Half a Person or a Boy with a Thorn in his Side threw a bottle of water at him, and hit him straight in the Suedehead at a concert in Liverpool.
He stormed off stage, Disappointed.
But really,
What Difference Does it Make?

Did you get all the Smiths references?
Bigmouth Strikes Again.
See what I did there?

That Joke isn't Funny Anymore.

See, I did it again, and personally, I still find it funny.
I'm certain there's only about four people who will get all this.
If you don't then just Oscillate Wildly until someone stops to see if you are ok or Ask anyone who knows Nina.


  1. These things take time. The handsome devil, still ill. Money changes everything.

  2. brisket, shank, loin, breast but of all the cuts of meat you are the best, spit on me and it means RESPECT??... this made me smile, a shit eating grin indeed

  3. Come see my new ink. Call me soon.