Sunday, November 15, 2009

Big bang, I saw the whole gang.

Photo update coming soon.
I killed the internet streaming season five of It's Always Sunny.
So worth it though. Egg. Leather chair. Wrecking balls. The waitress. Danny Devito.
It's all there.
Wait til after twelve am or two am and I'll get unshaped.
Doesn't that sound peculiar.

Right now it's all about:

Little Peggy March - I Follow Him (She's a mad stalker, but it's kind of cute.)

The Weathermen - The New Vandals (If you haven't seen the album art, go look it up. Vampires. If that isn't enough, these days they are just all arty logo nouveau vogue vandals.

Jimmy Barnes - Working Class Man (He believes in God AND Elvis, plus he's STILL mad at Uncle Sam.)

Hospice Crew - This World (Is DOG eat DOG.)

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