Sunday, November 22, 2009

Enjoy the Junkie Business.

This post I thought, why not be like, I enjoy these things. I should tell the Internet. They won't mind. They read this but don't let me know they enjoy it too.
But I do.
Prepare for serotonin, as I take you up the three steps to heaven.

Christianity Dior bathrobe and my Versace Jeans shirt.
They get enjoyed.

Chicken Crimpy shapes, 1984, paintbrush and Painstop. Not to mention The Curse of Lono coffee table made out of a milkcrate. All enjoyed.

I enjoy women's magazines.

I enjoy buses and waiting for buses.

I enjoy fucking with newspapers. Dada wasn't just a streetwear label.


I enjoy The Moon. I enjoyed it more when smoking out the back was kosher.

I enjoyed the devolution of Billie after 4 glasses of wine.

I enjoyed seeing where she gets it from, all the while enjoying viewing people's flexibility.
Hi Crystal.

I enjoy both of those things. I enjoy the fact that tomorrow is always too late. I enjoy being selfish. I enjoy waiting, if it's worth it.
Enjoying Green curry is a must.

now or never motherfuckers.

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