Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Busting All Snitches.

Been a long time since I unleashed the bastard within.
Locked doors with flaws of unrelated brainwashing
A sin commited yet sentences sentenced to death.
Requiem for a terrible track record, recorded alpha beta.
Only love can break a heart.
My faux fixie is fantastic.
High five honey, I lied. The mental prowess seems to decrease our friendship.
ROTE learnt like I was writing lines on reference cards,
Stop playing the part, it's destroying the art, horrible cunts with horrible English. Rust corrodes slowly my bicycles wheel rim.
No need for Hell, it's here already. I witnessed many fitnesses, finesse through photographic partions, my gift is my wisdom.
Go straight to jail, assault a transit officer.
Sounds different the other way around, doesn't it.
Bang like a rabbit, cocked back, aiming steady,
Go straight for the throat, junkie zombies crawl already.
Crawl for me, sit by my feet. I'm a freak, a creep, decieved into decorticating with the devil. No aslyum here anymore. The borders are.
Papa Sam, Uncle Sam, Cousin Sam.
Leave at your own chosen speed.
It's a struggle, but the froth is overwhelming.
Right or wrong, my life.

But it ain't me babe.

That argy bargy.

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