Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ballad of Worms by Chris Palko.

What kind of God is this?
Gave me the hottest bitch, then took the life from her chest and left a pile of shit.
Sloppy with a fork, so Chris gotta feed her,
Too numb to cum, sometimes she piss while I eat her.
I tell her, keep her head up, even though I gotta hold it up for her,
and she seizure when she try and get up,
I know I'm perking her but can't stop what's hurting her,
No sleep with her screaming all night, I'm thinking of murking her.
Her parents paid for the coffin and left state,
After signing the contract, do not resuscitate.

Yellin' for mommy, I dip in the morphine to calm me,
I'm known in town as the creep that's into zombies.

I can't get that sound, you make, out of my head,
I can't even figure out what's making it.

Stare in her eyes to look past horror,
Morphine tolerated, I'm out coppin' horse tranq for her.
Like I won't have to go through hell again,
Her skin is like Saran Wrap, barely hangin' from her skeleton.
With each one of her ribs defined,
My crib's designed to keep the light out cause she can't lift the blinds,
Drifting behind, I'll be outta friends soon.
Nobody, visits the guy that keeps the body in his bedroom.
She's barely alive and taking life from me with no appetite but the meningitis is still hungry.
Wants to make love,
But I had to substitute it with holding hands while we take drugs.

She's cold as a corpse and still holding The Source,
Up in the air like: "One day the cover is yours".
Took the IV out her wrist, tried to give me a kiss,
Before I tasted her lips, she dislocated her hips.
Started shaking.
Couldn't feed her no medication.
To scared to beat on her chest in fear it'd cave in.
Death waved again, and each time leaves her,
In a coma, for a week, to wake up to more seizures.

But this time ain't like the rest,
I can see right through her chest,
And see her heart ain't got no fuckin beats left.

Then a voluptuous ghost falls from a host,
Looking like she did in High School, then fades, when I get, close.

I'm feeling bad as me.

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