Thursday, August 6, 2009

Welcome to Flavour Country.

I was pouring the kettle into my acksnay today and blam, there came a thought. What the fuck are Oriental noodles supposed to taste like?
The Orient?
Little Asian people that play the melodic Chopsticks on your tastebuds with dragon costumes and firecrackers?
Don't get me wrong, I was raised on dinners of fish fingers, party pies and Maggi 2 Minute Orientals, but this is doing my head in.
I tried to think of other foodstuffs that have misleading titles but all I could come up with was Koola cordial.

What else is there?

If anyone helps me with compiling a list they are in the draw to win a cassette picked at random from the pile in my room.


  1. who buys the snix snax? onscrn kboard win. i bought 2 as well,they were cheaper at coles.