Thursday, August 13, 2009

Show me the way to go home.

Read my mind for me, and skip straight to the comics.
I'd ask you to peruse the employment section but there wasn't one.
At least Wednesday's paper is alot easier to carry home from the deli.
Shift, space, enter, tab.
Bartabs and bar shaped tablets in a no holds barred, no beg your pardons free for all.
Unstable scripture lost in a wave of unconventional prefixes.
Don't you find it funny how when you have read a book, it is the sum and total tally of the times you have established a congruent misappropriation.

Did you lie?

Now I got no job, and it don't pay.
And no matter how many public relations officers you have, none of them can float like butterflies or cry over spilt buttermilk.

Prepare to activate the Jennifer Aniston protocol.
And all the other beans are the worker beans that serve her routinely like coagulated gravy oozing through a paper bag.
I walked a thousand miles just to ignite the pretty young things in the dried out heap they laid in together.

Never learn my name said the sous chef, as he flaunted the Mercedes for the ladies and watched all the foxes convulse. They had nibbled at the bait traps that the ranger left along the fence line. From the day to the night, the odour took after a paper crane, and folded through the motions not a thousand times.

Katy Perry powerwalked past, chewing vigorously and nervously on a chapstick, being chased by Lady Gaga with her petition for Temperance. The American boy was taking everyone he knew on the trip of a lifetime, without a passport.

So the itchiness subsided with the help of calamine lotion and a serve of Omega 3 fatty acids, and they continued on the roll of the rest of their life.

Yet the silence of the band roared on, rehash and mockery and responsibility flared out the speakers. From the tip of the tongue all the way to the bottom of his pins and needles, the anchor of the group took root among the seaweed covered sea floor. The life left in the boy was being slowly beaten out of him. The blood on his face was dripping slowly from the corners of his mouth. A momentary lapse of reason was all it took to dissipate the crowd that was gathered around the jukebox.

As Kevin Rudd sat knowingly in The Lodge, the protestors outside crept along the wall like Michael Jackson impersonators. Marcel would be proud of the way they made the non existant glass ceiling appear to crush them into the pavement. They slowly slithered into a sublime serenity as security dragged an old barber shop pole and mirror into the adjacent building.
Without love, the monkey wondered, where he would be now.
Without a moments hesitation the man in a long white labcoat shoved a cattle prod into the majestic beast, letting it crackle and pop against it's breast. The monkey soon snapped out of it's trance and continued to write Shakespeare on it's assigned word processor.

The strawberries never grew in straw, mint juleps were never served in the mint, meat pies never solved the radius of a circle, and the Venn diagram never died.

Sprechen sie deutsch?

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