Friday, August 21, 2009

Lost in Translation One.

I've decided in lieu of a scanner, I will at select a page of scribbled dribbling drivel at random and see if the idea of spontaneous writing is captured and conveyed when purveyed through the digital medium. That or, if my bullshit makes sense when it's on a computer in a different font.
All text has been translated through as is, in it's original format, with no self conscious edits, spelling corrections or smarmy retouches. I possibly may scan the pages later to show you all I'm not full of shit and i actually did vomit on half of these pages in hazes of some kind. I possibly might even analyze it when I can be bothered, to show you what I really meant.

If I ever really mean anything I say.
Who am I kidding.
Ten times out of ten, if I said it I meant it.

"i i ii i am the most like a bird in fight flight i men
the kinfgs.
o h baby now e eentry really hard now,

to make thiigawork

ohhhh baby, i been xxxxx trying real hard to make things work
but everything i seem do, dowsnt try to impress IMPRESS I M P R
thats why i got to get away
because there not left here

no reawon to stay to stay to stay to stayyyyyy

mix up like the ultimate shot at blory
i ddont wany to fall into hell
love is hell
setup and feel like i was born
bunny hop candy flip eat shig

comedy backflipped into the air i broke
The police are hostages to the fact they can never join
the same bowling team. Never have lunch down the road at
the pub grug. Government controls all the caves.
Jesus was the first zombie. A flag of comeback specials
a repeats of fiction, not likely identifiable with the other
lives we seem to lead. On a tropical note, beaches dont need


Pharmies, parmies and pokies.
Planes are like time travel machinds. Location only inflences
the environment. Donny has no say in tgis matter.
brain dead job braindeaed
Get it while its holy.
Welcome tlo church of the money the profit and the imagery
of an upcoming public enemy concert.

ohhhoooGabba gabba hey? the xxx chimes of subversive movement
are all sold out like advertorials for public transport.
Candy canes more than few. Porn for the needle, booths for
feeble. 2 dollar whores and escorts with
e expensive boots, so hard to choose.
Set up the pieces and move strategically,
proud of the peaceful warrior way and i haven't
even read the book.
What's the point of recogition of mmries past. Voices from the
televisioh become from down stairs, they're near the funnybone

Dingy drug dealder riddle
old mates old mate used to cop the fiddle
everyones an old mate when you seen what ive seen
waken up late first date coffee with cream
obscene affair with the debonair mad stares
junkie silouette ghost writing is for squares
leave it left it but just cant forget it
my brain leaks out my fingers
jellyfish box smash vagina stink lingers
weekend fiend turn into daydream teams
walking the streets swapping xanax for green
pickpocket scene kids
who hang out in alleyways
living large living dirty living days in daze
brutal torture military contract
all ive got to say is send the kids back."

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