Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Coastal Shelf is some sort of zine pop-up store that is now gracing the streets of Perth. Look out 78's, there's a new place to buy badly written, photocopied, pieces of angst ridden/indiefied/pseudo intellectual young adult literature.
It's located at 6-8 Pier St, and it's inaugural opening night display of vulgarity is occuring this Saturday from around 6pm, in the form of Soft Copy, a gathering of aforementioned zine writers.

Keep a look out for Yeah,Right by Grace Dewhurst, consisting of amongst other things, an interview between her and I about our tumultuous relationship, and the inevitable following break up.

The Spiels promotional hype issue will also be stocked, so cough up your bus money and support Perth writing/drawing/photography/dole bludgers.

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