Monday, January 25, 2010

The Patriot is just a movie.

I found a wireless network in the waiting room. So I decided to describe everything around me.

50 cm rats tail and gaol tattoos.
Speed addict in the corner, itching.
Mid life crisis man looking at everyone.

Giving the ol' DK's a run on the playlist again.

Old man with amazing hat and cane walks past.
I bet he has the worst disease. He's going to my doctor so I'm probably gonna be stuck here for an extra hour. I should be in there five minutes ago.

My next door neighbours house. No dogs allowed. Derek was running flat stick with a back wheel for his bike the other day. I don't think he bought it.

Withdrawing sucks. I mean, isn't insertion better?
I guess you want to withdraw, insert and repeat.
Money shot from the payola penis. Someone do something. It's Australia day tommorow.
Invasion day?
What are your thoughts on that?
Are we turning nationalist?
I have nothing to do but cause trouble for police and fux with private property. Conscription.
Anarchism vs Nationalism.
Keep fighting, it's population control. AK 47, assault rifle.
The cost of peace is eternal war.

There's something in the water. Let's get so caught up trying to one up each other with scene points and the virtual lives we have created for ourselves, they have nullified any resistance.

Why does Australia Day mean we have to embrace our alcoholic convict stereotype?

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  1. omg @ payola penis. Organ donor.

    I thought that CLEO tag was an OREO tag at first, then i realized i should go out and tag more often so next time it actually is an OREO tag.