Thursday, January 28, 2010


Duplicate poetry into a number of fake quotas and IQ's
And I accuse you of more than you'd even know about you,
and yes you suck dick successfully, I still possess the god given talent to bring the recipe,
for disaster fam, I remember back in the flats kicking it, you know how to handle fam, sink fosters since we met, gonna consider you my second family, fuck the rest of you silver spoon fed pretentious social maggots who aint worthy of a cardboard sentence.
Let alone a prison one.
You don't even own a gun.
So why you walk round like you got one?
All idea and no infection found, the next time round wipe 'em out without a sound,
senses we need, incentive for greed, freed slaves, still do our bidding for us,
and those slaves,
they have dead presidents,
in order to perpetuate our constant state of fear,
the next high level security meeting CHOGM is getting held here.

I miss you.
Still do til this day.
If you were here youd be grinning, you were there for me since my beginning.

Acetone is a substance that can burn or etch into such porous materials such as plastic signage, chairs, bus stop signs and the like. Pour it into ink. That was for us the next day, trying to sell a bottle of Acetone to our boy at Obese Records so we could get a feed and you could have a room.

Forever my brother.

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