Thursday, January 28, 2010

3.33am Friday morning.

I should think more.
Daniel, what I did in Mount Lawley was for Tom and you being a rat. You lied to my face and you should stay out of the neighbourhood. You blagged to two crew members faces. If you want, fix it up, but know I'm not going to let you do what you did get a run in my neighbourhood until you sort your head out. I love that spot and I will make sure you don't get more than a day on it.
That's a promise.
Where were you at Kristians funeral?

Fillins over hollows, thems the breaks ESHAY.
Shades of grey on your jealous green.

I want to incorporate this bin in an installation. I might just do it another morning and take a better photo.

I dumpster dive. No self control. There was just cold plate leftovers and kitchen refuse. Refused to rummage much.

No topping the woob. You don't know what it's like. Your a leper. Sheen from your forehead, blessed by fruity lex.

Wrong side of the tracks. The slice or the pin cushion, the defendant is guilty. Critical condition caused and created by creatine and ketamine fiends, looking like Mr Bean. Sip lean? That purp, purp, purp. Jervis Jarvis and the Semi Erections.

Crawling under wire, we avengers, you pretenders.
The red light siding in the hood. Stay away.

Alec Baldwin saved me from the police. It's You can't have your dope and smoke it too hey what's the matter with you?Complicated ok. I wish I had gone to bed. No I don't. I saw this.


Australian outdoor living. Plastic grass. Soon we will have plastic trees. Everyone will have a flamingo on their postbox. I left a present in a portable toilet. I took your toilet paper it was double ply.

There is a white picket in the corner of my room and I don't know w

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