Monday, January 4, 2010

I'm absent without leave.

The eternal journey into my sickening life. The wealth of the world overtly protected.
Bluffing, never Wuthering, the pitfalls and Heights. Petite maids made of snow guarding the gates of Hades.

The boat has already left, and all you kids are just catching up. It's not the point you make, but the way you choose to express your point. I point a finger and three point back at me. Play your position small soldier.

Opiate dreams are reality encapsulated by warm blanket of sunshine death. More than just sunstroke and peeling skin. Orange juice isn't as good as Grapefruit juice. I put a 99c sticker on a $4.99 bottle of Harvey Fresh Grapefruit juice.
It worked.

I don't have a job. My life's work is still work. I lead the same life you lead.
Except with emo fringe benefits. Benefit was an amazing rapper. I'm going to go see if he's on so I can listen to My Story. No results found. Balls to that.
Here are some lyrics.

I found it.

I used to listen to that on repeat when I was about 16.
Dirty little sacred secrets become sacrilegious when spread by surfers of social networking.
Who am I to care when I could calmly stab myself in the stomach, and then upsize my value meal. I can change your outlook with one reference to a book.
Abstract confessions?

A Nurse's Guide to Psychology?
Inside the Brotherhood?
Killing Pablo?

It's a sad vacation we are forced to take, and Alanis Morissette's jagged little pill is more bitter than serrated. Noone believes we are on the eve of destruction. We are always on the edge. That's how it works.

"We have nothing to fear, but fear itself"

Grief is a hard concept to understand. I grieve for friends, I grieve for family, I grieve for others, I grieve for myself. But grief itself is nothing like it could be. An upstairs loft, floating through the window out into the his kingdom of alleyways. Shortcuts that become long cuts in the flesh of a mango.

It takes two to mango. I used to own a shirt advertising Queensland mangoes with that slogan. I think I ruined it with ink. I came to ruin everything. God sent me.
The bullets shot from your cannon of a mouth are just words. Words may be weapons but your slurred speech is that of a sarcastic slut. Inane and loose.

Who do you want to be when you grow up?

To be sidetracked easily is heaven. The naive sip their bottled Evian water, controlled by the moon and it's waxing and waning.

Time will continue. Apparently the Bank of Queensland had a bit of a problem with their ATM's on the 1/1/10. They, for some unbeknown reason to me, "thought" it was 1/1/16.
They time traveled six years into the future for a day.

My kingdom of alleyways, jumping the gun whilst doing a servo run. The only way. It's hard but I'm coming to terms with it. The voracity of the city will never burn down my pity. I'd throw a drink in it's face as we struggled on the floor, causing quiet contusions that don't impress anybody. There was a fire raging today. The smoke was thick, black, rising above and beyond Beaufort st. The comeuppance of a community with nothing to lose.

How many fools does it take to remove a lightbulb?
A meth addict.

Addiction is only a label, the condition itself is not a problem. I remember when I was younger, sometimes everything seemed like it was on Fast Forward. Pun intended. There were moments where everything seemed to move faster than it should, my concepts of reality were completely blurred and in a constant state of hyperactivity. I'd be in one room, then suddenly another.
I found a way to stay the same, but they label me an addict. Strings attached and attracted the similes were not smiling. It's like buying a Push Pop when all you want is a Paddle Pop.

You can eat rainbows, but the window they saw me eat it through wasn't clean enough for them to see the pot of gold. You can never feel alone when Jack and Jill are rolling down the hill.

My life came tumbling after.
This lighting makes you look beautiful. Personal Support Program, the PSP I know better.
Centrelink vet, fallen down steps, not in a band or a gang, but I could bend metal faster than you can.

So here I am, sedated.
But happy.

Nazi "Propaganda" from World War Two.
The cost of peace is eternal war.

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