Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Subiaco, 11.50am

Pick up your life. Remove it from the next world and place it in this one. Sub atomic particles are our friends. Infinity is merely a girls cute stare away.

How do you treat your lover?
How do you treat your haters, the fakers, the trash?
Give someone your kiss with your hand in their wallet. People are whores.
Whores make the world go quiet. If everyone was fucking, who would want to fight?
Gay people I think.
No babies.
When do you want the appointment love?
The only ones I've got are late appointments.
The sixies died, the seventies are crawling out of the grave, the eighties need a walking stick and the noone remembers the nineties.
Why can't you ever just drink your poison?

I feel nonsense in my pocket and 10 cents in my head.
I let Steve pierce my nose at the pub last night.
The funeral is tommorow.

There's so much I don't remember, and so much I wish I could forget. I don't try anymore. I just am.