Thursday, December 10, 2009

R.I.P Kristian "Haztoo" Quinn.

Remember that photo?
Mix a bit too strong for ya?
Haha, guess you'd just gotten out and you hadn't sipped hard liquor in a while, so I forgive you.
But you fucking moron.
You had just gotten out of gaol and within two weeks you and Jarrad had gone and held up the bottle shop and you went straight back in.
I think that's how it went.
The first parole party I think, back on Herdsman.

I remember how we went to Rockingham to see you, the day before you passed. We ended up getting into a normal Rockingham fight, us three vs. twenty of them. We still won without you Haz, who needs you anyway cunt. We could of done with a few of those false teeth tricks you could do though.
I'm sorry I never got to go fishing with you that night. I'm sorry the last words I said to you were not words but screams. I'm sorry I didn't answer your phonecalls the other week because I was too caught up in my own shit.

I'm sorry you're dead.
I'm sorry that I nearly went the same way you did last night.
I'm sorry for alot of things me and you have done,
but I will never regret the days of Kmiter, you and I running Perth city central.
Now you're hanging with our homeboy in where ever the Hells' Kiddz end up, at least your keeping him company.
I gotta put up with Dophie being a racist and Dzine getting muniched every several seconds.
I fucking miss you bro.

Everyone in Australia has heard about you cunt.
From Perth to Adelaide, Melbourne, San Fransisco, where ever I rest my head at night, I will make sure it be our town.
From the MC's to the RFD's. I was there with you.
From the SF's to the HK's, you knew I was all day .

Forever eshay adlay.

Kristian Quinn, 1987 - 2009

Too many of us have died this year. No more. I'm sick of us all overdosing or killing themselves or whatever. This needs to stop.
I miss you Haz.

"We don't do it 'cos we want to,
we do it cos we HASTOO."

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