Sunday, December 20, 2009

Shoebox Mafioso.

So messed up, I want you here.
Descent into my own cornucopia, my favourite song on repeat for the world to dissect and intrude on.
That's okay, I've still got all my fingers.
Time to forget, hit me as hard as you can. It's unfortunate that it's only you reading this. Think for a second and boycott your avatar.

Don't be a geezer, I used to listen to Weezer.
Battered and bruised, made the six o'clock news with everything to lose. Why did you do that thang to me.

Golf, best way to spoil a good walk. Winston Churchill said that.

Gordon drove a delievery van with a cage in the back.

Any chance of better odds?
The odds of this happening again are at the bottom of a bottle. Back page advertisements.

If the latest and greatest fell in the forest, would the bell toll? This chap is a fucking lunatic. I know what the sharp side of a tongue feels like, and that was during oral sex. Your as gutless as the back of Kalis Brothers. Business is always good when your busy like Elliot Ness. Sad day in Serbia, bad day in Bosnia.

The light is on and burning brightly for the masses. Would you be capable of handling your own spawn, if they were missing a chromosome. The older women are just jam rolls. Who wants to count empty bottles with me, just to pass the day away. It would be stupid to waste food. I stood to make alot of money, but the only way it can be resolved is with a printing press. Everyones got a reputation to lose, but I've lost mine already. Three days later, I rose again, just to swallow more codswallop. Get nasty. Mess everyone right up. Rob's your mothers bruvva.

I think I need a drink but I can't afford a middy. The last time I was happy with a drink price I was so excited I fell off my dinosaur. Little bit of pain never hurt nobody.

Noise in the alley, rub the pork fat with oil and salt, 25 minutes at 260 celsius. Crackle on, with pale blue eyes. Do they make Clear Eyes for your third eye?

Rock and roll never seemed so appropriate. Planks of wood to build a bridge that the troll never got to get under. Under where I heard Gerald say, underwear worn for noxious, obnoxious, sockless sex. Gasmasks to think fast, tied up and fired up, Bren gun blast. My past, goodnight. I need a nurse.

Continue with your curse, the new world ain't brave enough yet. Deadset. Game and match. Forties and longnecks, love and lust. Look what happened to the dozy prats with fat stacks, they end up in lockup, with nothing but chat.

I can kind of write again.

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