Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Johnny Thunders - Untouchable

Can't close my eyes,
when she's around.
My heart stops and goes again,
I'm lost and then I'm found.

It's getting so hot in here,
I gotta let you know.
Cause you make me crazy,
if I only let you die now.

She's so un- touchable,
she makes me uncontrollable.

If only she'd know how,
how I really felt,
maybe things would work out,
maybe I'll find out.

But maybe my head's in the clouds,
and I don't even know,
'cause she is so pretty,
she knocks the boys out, 'cause now.

She's so untouchable,
but I touch her.

But what can I say,
it's getting a long day,
some girls may walk on by,
but I don't think I'll look anyway.

Some boys may beg like a dog,
some girls beg, beg beg too,
but what can I say but,
Bon voyage baby, cause now.

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