Sunday, December 13, 2009

R.I.P Kristian "Haztoo" Quinn Pt. 2

R.I.P Matthew "Mishen" Brand

That was a good day. Bread fights and Carlton Draught. I can't remember if Kristian was there or not, but I remember trying to dack a bottle of Moet. The bottle shop was bare like prepubescent hair, there was not a strand there. I could of, but I didn't. Maybe I would of gotten done somehow, and missed out on the rest of the day. Wouldn't of been worth it.

Pilot, Verts, Myself and Hastwo (R.I.P) standing in front of a Mish (R.I.P) tag in Melbourne,
a week or so after the funeral. Photo by Ciecmate.

The last piece Mish ever painted, HK Crew stomper, which is still running, 'til this day at Southern Cross Station, Victoria. I think this is also the last photo of myself and Kristian in existence. Don't be surprised if in the near future there's a top to bottom HAZTWO next to it. Thanks to MC Pilot, Hells' Kiddz, for the last two photos. Happy birthday for yesterday too lad.

I'm never going to see Haz again. And I've got to deal with this.
Anyone wanna come round with a chess board and a pouch of tobacco?
I'll rack some Bulmers and we can just get lost in our heads and a decent game of Chess.

And to you bunch of cunts who used to pretend to be there for me, go manage to kill yourself properly. You know who you are, no need for telling tales, but you selfish fucking slag, next time make sure you go down the road not across the tracks. And the rest of you cunts who don't answer my phone calls, how's it gonna be when you won't be able to get one at all.
How you gonna feel then?
Fuck this internet shit for a laugh, I'm going to go get fucked up.

"R.I.P Mishen and Haz, Else and all the rest. Tell Kermit he ran "Junkie Dog" the best."

Dr. Jimmy Hats, out of here like ozone in the atmosphere.

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