Monday, July 27, 2009

Cigars, Coke Zero and Cognac.

While George Harrison's heart gently wept, the dandy lit another cigarette.
No one felt alerted by the presence of the noisy sparrow, it was just another day in the life. The eerily foreboding tone was undertaken on the sparrows wings, as he flew around and around, in an ever decreasing spiral into the darkness.

When we lifted the lid, he was quiet and free once again.

Damn the game if it don't mean nothing.

Flipping the script like a butterfingered pharmacist, the mood swung akin a pendulum.
Fluctuating motives dispersed among the paranoid kangaroo paws.
A moment in time, stuck on pause, slowly released like a wax covered tablet, from it's linear encapsulate.
Then, like ejaculate, explosive motion.

Stop, look, what's that sound, everybody knows what's going down.

Word on the street is, they bit my thesis.

An advisor for the layman and the weekend lay. We watched on as the bricklayer fought the soothsayer about the Western Derby.

Burgers for the bosses, salad calls for tossers, and they all sat around and ate.
Bloodworms and bloodlines that coincide on the front line, the foreground made no sound as the temperature went straight down.
Three hooded minstrels sang the chorus for the tour bus as they faded off into the night.

When I get more cold remedies, I'm making more than plain enemies.

As a side note, the Cordyceps fungus attacks insects of all kinds, controlling their minds and limbs in bouts of psychosis, making it's host climb as high as it can. Once there Cordyceps will grow out of its host and explode spores around the surrounding area, leaving any other insects below to inherit the fate of the previous host.

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