Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Author, automaton or autistic?

Alphabet alpha males make major mistakes.
Assonance is assumed to be actively applicable in average day to day dilly dally diction decoration.
To avoid the aggressive alliance between mind and matter that an alter ego or alias can obtain,
first one must mark ones mind for manipulation. Outside material manages to orchestrate a chance to corrode what was once considered to be correct conciousness.

Delete the dictomy of deities from the distant future.
A dalek is still a dalek, even with a damn passport.
So pass the port, swill the scotch, viddy the vodka and steal the cider.
Sedation is the only way certain structured symbiotes can stop their silent sedition.
Revolution is not real, we rely on regulated roles to return us to a recycled recipe of reduced respect, retaliation and reckless retorts, leaving us with no reports of rapport, only neglected nitrous oxide newspapers that sing me to sleep with anthems of yesterdays goings on.

And you said I had nothing to say.
I'm still in my underwear, and your still in your armchair.
Who's the chairman when the only board you sit on belongs in the water?
So take me to the river, drop me in, and don't be surprised when what I've summised begins.

How do you like them apples.

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