Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Intentionally left blank.

As I sit on the couch, smelling the deep heat, I feel at peace.
Pieces of my conciousness ooze out into oblivion, leaving not a trace apart from an outline of my own shadow.
Shadows and silouettes of Juliet, leaving Romeo out in the cold, shivering in the rain with a bunch of wilted weeds.
Confide in something as fickle as the Internet, the solace of faux anonimity, the many masks we wear, all worn at the same time,
without a care or a gronks mad dog stare.
The fish swim because they have to, and maybe we will end up back in the water one day.

A sailor went to sea, to see what he could see, and all that he could see, was the bottom of the deep blue sea.
See what I mean?

And we are left waiting outside, with a bunch of weeds in the rain.
But I'm happy, and that's what counts.
I'm just another captain of another ship, looking for another glass of port to sink in.
Hope that this sinks in.

Warp speed negative eight.

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