Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Cooperate or diet. We will surrender all foreign plant material to the airport bins, and the virus capsule you just got off gave everyone the next Swine Flu. The sheep farmer needs a wife, and not to massacre INXS.
Wanna choke while we fuck?
Why not try your luck?
The celebrity culture you revel in,
The slit you poke the devil in,
Touched by an angel or touched by a priest,
What are YOU thinking, is it beyond belief?
Beyond deceit with no receipt, talk turkey like Sarah Palin, ain't no choice bit repeat cadence no failing, blur my face and recognize me even after, this ain't The Warriors, your crew cause laughter.
I run the block, you laughing stock, you gamble away your profit, I'm taking it straight out your pocket.
You give head to the head of state, I stand in the Oval Office and masturbate, have another vodka comrade, you won't feel a thing, except when I run up on you and you feel a sting, sing, sing the fuck along, because at the end of the day it's just another hit from the bong.

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