Tuesday, July 27, 2010


You like a butterfingered second hand shop employee, dropping the donations like names, your play for fame,
All the hard knocks you say you got, I have to reiterate son, you just losing the plot, to a reality TV show you ain't even on, so what the fucks going on?
Your paranoia made your brain go walkabout,
Real talk, real strong, raised on Brussel Sprouts,
So be like the ninties band and have No Doubt,
When I swag through town it's plain to see clout,
So you shoulda thought about that before you opened ya mouth, I don't care what you are, who your friends know or who's ya familia,
I got a crate full of hate and a freestyle abilty that will kill ya.
I make claims like insurance but it wasn't a spinal injury so I can back them up, so neck up parrot,
You like Rabbit,
I'm like snatch it and grab it then dack it.
No competition,
No definition, go back to the kitchen.

Smoke more herbs, and when I say herb I mean it like a diss, like the fakery and trickery you tend to see, the forged mirroredl mask of true identity, I got crew who make beats, I got crew who make beatings, let me know next time you want beef, I'll buy them front row seating, cos I ball while you fall, you fell from Grace now you fallen flat, and you coming at me with some I take more drugs than you crap?

You ain't enlightened, you just frightened, while I be balling like a drop punt, I'll even pay to fly Billie Jean back from Melbourne just to watch her stomp your cunt.
So what gives?
I can be rude like that and give you plenty of ammo to fire back,
I shouldn't even retaliate, your shit was keyboard warrior wack, played out like an OG NES controller, So I got a Duck Hunt gun ready to make your pixels fold over.

"Insults are the best compliments."
AND ITS NOT AS IF I GIVE TWO FIFTHS OF A WHOLE FUCK, try ya luck, I engage the viewer of the page, you just rage and pine for centre stage.

I said I wouldn't but I did.
Let's see how far this goes.
Hopefully to Hell and back.
Then there might be a bit of an understanding.

Trinity Old Kunts Association 04.

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