Monday, July 19, 2010

TV Dinner Sinner.

Transformer tenure on the tedium of the medium,
Unscrupulous foals ridden by unfocused jockeys,
Ivan Milat and the end game of Ice Hockey,
None of the Bullwinkle, stop giving it the big un',
Cos' even after I've unleashed the beast it ain't begun,
Started? I ain't never finished, you, the quality has diminished. Consult your therapist if you need a helping hand,
The ends to a mean means I'm ending you out,
Pimping, your shout, balls out so bitch pout.
Got an aerial shit shooter pulling clay pigeons,
Shooting NERF guns at your incredibly bad decisions,
It's a horrible idea, bitch you leave me nausous,
Fuck your life, mine's a movie, debaucherous.

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