Friday, October 23, 2009

Schadenfreude and Cinema City

"'Aren't I free? asked Lola.
'That's not the same thing.'
Too difficult to explain. Lola was a victim, she had no luck, and she appealed too much to the emotions. Which was not in her favour. Besides, she took Heroin. That wasn't a bad thing, in one sense: indeed it was quite a good thing, in principle: Boris had talked to Ivich about it, and they had both agreed that it was a good thing. But there were ways of doing it: if one took it to destroy oneself, either in despair or by way of emphasizing one's freedom, that was entirely commendable. But Lola took it with greedy abandonment, it was her form of relaxation.
It didn't even intoxicate her."

Jean-Paul Sartre - The Age of Reason pg. 30-31.

I think I had the taste of an invisible agoraphobic nosebleed at the bus stop this morning.
I had a large Double Whopper with cheese meal for breakfast.
I was woken at 2.30am by a call, so I stayed awake.
Now I'm just half asleep. Or is it half awake? Pessimism and Procrastination pushing kids onto the tracks at Oats Street station.
I remember vaguely a game called Station.
Didn't they say Station in Wayne's World?

I remember finding a Helly Hansen jacket in the Cinema City arcade in town. I found it immediately to the right of the photo above, the newsagent is just out of shot.

I wore that jacket with pride, at that stage there was no Harbour Town, I couldn't go buy one off EBay and noone stocked it. But I rocked it hard. I can still remember the 600ml Burner Chrome splash back on the right hand sleeve, the Antique Pink Plasticote and white Posca drips seemingly falling out the right hand pocket. As hard as I tried to keep it clean, I couldn't not wear it, I mean fuck, it was dope.

It became a uniform for me. A symbol of my teenage angst and rebellion, a symbol of my personal individuality and freedoms.
The guy whose jacket it was had walked into the newsagent and left it on the scratchie booth.
Bad move Mr man, you turned your back on the wrong Jack of Spades.

I was with Scott, who now instead of writing on walls most of the time, writes songs.
Scott and half of the people who knew me in those tumultuous times would remember the blue Helly Hansen jacket. I remember hanging around with friends wearing that jacket, with them getting all antsy and trying to swap paint and speed with me for it. If half of the people who tried to swap it with me were still alive, I'd probably just give it to them in hindsight. Just for the memories.

When we were fourteen we used to luge down, face first, on our skateboards down the incline of the Cinema City arcade, getting chased by rent-a-cops. As I grew older and embarked on the journey of forgetting one's life, I may or may not of been chased by real-a-detectives down the Cinema City arcade as well.

Quote Unquote?

The Cinema City complex was based around the Hoyts cinema on Hay St, and the arcade connected to Murray St. There was a Rocky-esque flight of stairs you had to scale just to get your ticket checked.
Wow, Darcy just came into my room, i'm pretty sure that was Polo Sport or Polo Blue, possibly Joop.
You used to be able to sneak into movies quite easily. Due to the stairs being sized epically, they had to install a lift in between the stairs. By just catching the disabled lift upstairs, you could waltz and whistle past the ticket stub collection monkeys and watch movies there.

My school took us to see the Passion of Christ in town. I think that was the last movie I saw at Cinema City. I don't remember it, I just ate a handful of Serepax. I think I woke up while Jesus was carrying the cross, or it could of been a dream. We might of even seen it at Piccadilly and not Cinema City. In any case, Piccadilly is the last cinema left in the City of Perth.

Sneaking in there is/was even easier. You could wait 15 minutes after the movie started, and just walk past the ticket window into the cinema. They'd normally be snoozing or doing something absent mindlessly, due to the fact you'd be stupid to buy a ticket to a movie that had already started. Lo and behold, if you think about it for a mere ten seconds, you'd realise that a movie normally doesn't start until about 15 minutes after you take your place.

That is what the Cinema City arcade looks like now.
Whatever they build in it's place, which has been proposed as another cinema, besides the point, I will always remember Cinema City. From the breakdancers to the small cafe that sold nachos. Fuck that is depressing, I'll be back in a second, I need a cigarette.

"I'm dead broke, I hate welfare, I'm kinda nervous I can't afford health care."

"I'm tired of buying sneakers, it's evident fam,
So I'll think I'll take the cheddar, and invest it in land."

"Even if i made more more money than the porno biz, had a genius accountant, some sort of whiz, id still be broker than an orphan kid, cos i wear more Jordan's than Jordan did."

Only three reasons(do you need more?)to go cop this.

I need some time to unwind.

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