Thursday, October 15, 2009

The "I forgot to name you" Post

The all seeing, focal vision, decision time comes for a good time or some great music. Oh, it's magic, you know.

The door was blown off years ago. Days upon days of dazed and confused, bedazzled wearing people had trundled though it. Those daze now long gone, all the people had thoughts of escape. To flee, emerge out of a spectrum of kids kicking pebbles down the curb. The sun shone. It shone brightly on the road, and the man on the run never once sailed another ship. He wasn't about to go down with or on her though.
He left, a long time ago, along with all the rabbits and the bunnies and happy things escaping through the hole in the fence, the one the neighbour used to peek through every Saturday. Dusting off the pill box with all its coloured treats. The war time throwback setup, was set back.

Hectogram amounts of turbulent times, living in hell, being driven away by a woman with a wizard spell.

Saw this and I liked it. It's the first time I've seen someone rock that angle since Kurt wrassled.

The days, they can try but they, they can't be like the nights in the city.

I made a badge that said Protest ProTools Prostitute Program.

No tears underneath all the tired, old bullshit you'd expect. Fuck what you heard, it means nothing to me.
I got nothing for you.
Oh, I just finished some work, 13-14 pages of bullshit that will clip you in the ear then slit you side to side.
More news soon.

But finally tonight,

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