Monday, October 19, 2009

Get your head out of your arse.

And purchase this shit from any airport lounge, petrol station, pub, club, music festival or Adelaide.

That is a lie.
I haven't stocked these 15 copies anywhere in the world except my bedroom.
Google it.

FOR THE LONG AND THE SHORT OF IT ALL, please approach/email/jump me in an alleyway.
And purchase a copy.

By the way these things are open for discussion.
Nurse Jackie.
Self Diagnosis.
Evolution as a Religion.
Can of warm Cougar taken from my brother.
Cougars, the female kind. Hang on, they were always cool. No they weren't, not until Stifler's Mom. Isn't that weird? You know? Like? Mrs. Robinson doesn't count, the seventies were shit, who the fuck wants fondue and shag carpet.

Hang on, I do.

Fuck yeah.
Flogspot just got flogged sooo hard.

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