Thursday, September 24, 2009

Throwing rocks at workers.

If you don't know, then you shouldn't know, suckers.

You have to earn every day you are alive, the day before.
If you haven't earnt the right to be alive then don't get out of bed in the morning.

Rest In Peace Joey Semz, who in my eyes, could of been the next Bob Dylan.

Existential and sexist, at the same time!
I'm currently working on a short story, Untitled as yet, which I will put up on the sidebar DOWNLOAD FREE THINK READ section on the right hand side, alongside the pdf of The Begginning of the Beggar. I'm whoring all this hard work out for free to you punters, so feedback/cider/trumpets/pats on the back and decent bondage play are all acceptable forms of congratulations. There's an oil painting to go with this next story so I'm still deciding whether it's going to be for free or you'll have to come buy it or something.

Cheap lame.

Coming soon will be the ONLINE VERSION of the Spiels promotional hype zine, for all you tight fucks who never came and bought a hard copy of the limited edition real deal. I've got three left, so hit me up an email if you want to cop a hard copy, because the online version is a completely different entity to what you could hold in your soft piano playing hands.


Amazing legs.

I told you the zombies were coming.

Do you think Lucifer was driving that taxi? I was really wasted and those break lights, whoa dude. Red and shit? It reminded me of the time when I was 15 and me and a dude I had just met went to my house and bought a carton of Jacks, an ounce and a bottle of Turkey. He was wearing all red and his eyes went bloodshot.

I sold my soul that night.

I think Greg was driving that car too fast, I couldn't get a proper photo of him.

I owe Kenny a gram or two by the looks of it.

What should we do with a drunken sailor, er'lie in the mor'ning.
I don't know, feed him full of prescription medication?
I like it when a clock says the wrong time, and you are so fucked up that you could see that time and just believe it's 4 hours earlier or later than it actually is, according to Greenwich.

Oh yeah, it's Mean time.


  1. Oh shit braaaahhhhh.

    Didn\t know you had one of these. Im in Budapest and i had a bender lastnight and i somehow ended up with something awesome in my bag. Fuck sorry about the lack of propper grammar Jimmy, you know how i usually do but like i said im on a foreign keyboard and im a fuckign slungarian right now.

    ANYWAY i have been trying to think of who to post this thing to because its fucking cool and whatta you know i disco ver your blog and i think you are like minded enough to appreciate how awesome this thing is.

    basically, email me your postal address brussss.


  2. She opened her cuntlips slowly, the cum flowing out in gushes as she took the stairs.