Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm nearly out of medicine.

Speak now or forever hold a piece. The extremes we are sent through mentally are represented physically. I have gouges as if a linoleum cutter danced around on my left arm and a bruise to the bone on my right knee.
Right now I'm frightened of myself, no frightened is the wrong word. Actually it's not. I'm frightened for the rest of you.
Blessed by the best the troops held together, nested up on their perch.
The outlook was gloomy but the room suited the view.
I always prefer Oprah for the hard hitting child molestation stories but The View is as good, if only for the pregnant Republican.

Mixed up like Cat Stevens and the silver spoon, the cat fell through it's cradle and spilled out it's Communion. Remember the way, the light that fell through the Nightshade. They're all addicted someway, somehow I discovered something new.
The noise won't start again. Boogie woogie lookie wow.
How does an engine work?
Thomas the tank parked at your right flank, jocks three weeks long smelling the stank, swapped 'em for chop son, so it's all money in the bank.
Close your eyes.
Do you understand your surroundings?
If this black is you, standing on the edge of eternity, what are you waiting for?
Step on out, step right up.
The next degree is only one course away, and where resides will, resides ways.
I kept getting changed in front of my window.
Now that's real talk for the yummy mummies doing the arvo walk.

I don't think I feel the same anymore. The constraints placed on the fine line between love and hate only further perpetuates the cheese grate face mind state.
If it's mind over matter, than my mind is mass.

Square root, a graphics calculator stroking her breast lightly, a sharp compass slowly yet gently, prying apart her labia to reveal the juicy fruit. The gums you could chew all day. Slowly inserting the protractor length ways, she stopped and adjusted for daylight savings. As they synchronized watches, the guy in the corner of the room just hit the Tab key on his laptop again and again, to the rhythm of their mathematical body language.

P.S This is how it always is, regardless.

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