Friday, September 4, 2009

Fish bikini bacon yield.

The plain plaid was performing it's task. Television promotes dancing, and dancing is sex. Invite twenty, kill one.
Bernie Mac is your dad. I was six and she was five.
Outside people are hurting other people to satisfy behaviour, violence and pain, an emotional and routine saviour.
Your time has come. Victory be mine.
Be blessed to read what your hear.
Eyes slowly melting out the side of skull, down my spinal tap so that was only fourth runner up. Braindead entertainers corrupting incorrigible insights, now all my dear dreams are haunted.
Read the dermis epidural, epidermis, episodal, epiphany.
Perth's favourite Aesop's fabler, drug enabler, leader in trying you later. It saves hundreds. Perhaps it was only silver. Wait for response. If none appear, stop posting.

Need chicken treat.

I couldn't read the screen,
Now seven am, with seven weetbix down, the junkie business is outraging the chipper adolescents, so I'm going back to bed to wake up and forget today inadvertantly by way of the Sandman bringing me cider.

Someone email me a photo. Today i'm going to mung out like a bean sprout .

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