Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Excerpt from book.

An exception to the rule is the harem.
When one male becomes so dominant that he can offer ample security to a large number of offspring,
He can afford to inseminate a large number of females.
In theory this should work well enough for the harem master because his genes are assured passage to following generations.
It does, however, involve two serious instabilities.
It leaves males without females and those men, robbed of sexual heritage,
Will always be a threat.
And it requires that the females inside the harem must accept a common partner without dissent.
A glance at the events which occurred in the greatest of all harems, the Grand Seraglio of the Turkish sultans, reveals just how flawed this breeding system proved to be in practice. There were endless intrigues and murders and the whole complex organization could only be maintained bybrule of terror. The standard punishment for women who could not accept their role was to be tied in a sack weighted with stones and drowned in the Bosporus. The sacks were placed in a small boat that was towed out into deep water.
There, it was capsized by pulling on special ropes and the helpless women were sent plunging to their deaths.
On one occasion three hundred women,
The entire harem.
Were drowned in this way, simply because the sultan of the day wanted to enjoy the fun of stocking up with new females.

In stark contrast during one phase of the four hundred and fifty year history of the great harem,
The females took control.

During this century long reign of Women, the sultans were left to indulge in orgies of drunkeness and vice,
While the women took over the affairs of state.

At times they virtually ruled the country.

And you thought I was a misogynist.

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