Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The bangers go clap clap at the pack.

R Kelly is going to do a show in Nigeria.
A day in the life.
Footsteps ain't for sing songs, they ain't for iTunes.
Show me a note, posted up sticky.
Flicking bawsses off high hawwseses.
Quit it kid. Hit it hit it hit it.
Fucking hell 02 93409433.
I might call it or something go go go.
Magazine out tommorrow go come find me and cop real talk, 15 pages of amazement.
I'd hock my mums ruby ring to read this sing.
Too hot for the Flavourwave oven, bloody mary's extra Tabasco.
Jump hoops for this hood and I would keep doing this for the loyal troops.

Come smell me.

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