Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I played Chess with the RZA.

Hope you enjoyed the zines Bbbbbobby.
Twenty-four hour flight, at least you got some light reading.

I already hear "Bullshit" being called about the title.
But trust.

The ever present Gracey from was in RZA's hotel room last night.
They needed to get lifted. I was called. I was already lifted so I thought they were playing a joke on me. I caught a Taxi to the Sheraton with this rad taxi driver. I told him who I was going to see, but he feigned ignorance. I, out of shock since this taxi driver was twenty five, yelled WU TANG CLAN at him. He suddenly jogged his mind round the projects, worked out he knew RZA and kept smiling at me.

Jesse Chip from was already there, with Gracey and beautiful Rosie Bates. Your breasts looked amazing Jesse. But I already said that.

If I wasn't so sedated I would of beaten him or at least stalemated him. I may have lost but I got my Tiger style on and showed him I wouldn't let him walk all over me. Stewie, bad luck mate.
Fucks sake, he's the grandmaster, the grandmaster of the Gravediggaz.
I showed him moves he hadn't seen before.

Quote unquote.

I showed the RZA moves he ain't seen before.
I had him stunned.

The RZA seemingly respected my game yo. I was in a haze of confusion and delight. The banter wasn't spoken much with words, but mainly with moves. There was this dude that was pestering me, Stewie, and trying to give me advice, even though he seemed to be a muppet. I was right. Stewie goes and gets checkmated in two moves. The Abbot recognized real. One of the highlights for me would be The Big Payback blaring out the speakers, crew know. Me and RZA both bopped to Brown.

Zigga Zag Zig even honoured my blackbook.
Life is complete.
I got lifted with a member of the Wu, RZA of all people, and went a round of Chessboxing with him at two in the morning at the Sheraton hotel.
No need to set goals for a while.


  1. You are a lucky man.
    I went past Villa at 6pm, door was open.
    Went inside, RZA was doing sound check for the next 90 minutes. I sat down, and held back tears.
    My own private gig, the sun hadn't even gone down.
    RZA is one of the most important people in musical history.
    You are a lucky man.