Friday, February 5, 2010


My local fish and chip shop, ahh scallops with the lots of flavour on top, has a poster of birds. These are their stories.

I imagine this bird to be exactly like my ever longed after Maggie G, in the motion picture Secretary.
You'd fucking hope so.

Audrey Allen, this bird weirds me out.

Hahah. I made it say "Cock" and "Pecker".

Even if it's the size of this, it's okay, as long as they;

Do girls with Swallow tattoos swallow? I need to gather intel.

The bird that represents every pseudo ex-pat from Western Australia, no extra hipstur points sorry. You realise the Pigeon is a rat with wings, don't you? Right?

King of PARADISE. Nuff' said.

Dude, it's like an Eagle and an Owl. Imagine an old American biker and a HxC Neo Traditionalist fan talking about tattoos and this bird just perching between them. Who would win?

Insomnia sucks. Big 'tings 'gwan soon so stay tuned.

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