Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Polo Sport.

And there's gotta be an easier way to stop the pain
When the red worm spits sadistic rain into a cold vein
Decipher this, get dissected
Like a medical cadaver, you'se just practice.
Fact is,
You speak with no thought, pretext or clarity,
So harden the fuck up, all the girls wanna marry me?
I'm a misogynistic bastard with a heart of gold,
Associating with kids who kick doors and girls who dance with poles,
But the irrelevant shit you bit from me is always given back, you twice as wack as when you first picked up a Flat Black, didn't even know how to rock a stock cap, fancy that, little chap, wanna rap battle? Pick a word and I be burning you herbs like a stoner resorting to a candle, the style you can't handle,
It's like a broken suitcase, your one strap short of a sandal. And I be fucking bored of all this fancy shit, gimme a few cones, a feed and a fuck, all my dead mates back and when I gamble, better luck.

It's been a year and you're still rocking. Love you Kristian.

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