Sunday, September 26, 2010


What a concept. The indirect, yet subjective behaviour when exposed to a mass mentality, that transcends all class and caste. If one person stood atop the Stirling Ranges and cried "SHOUT ME A SESH" and noone was there to here him, would C.Y O'Connor be alive today? Probably not, due to tuberclulosis or some such palsy which befell his generation.

I warned you cunts about this YEARS AGO.

We bomb with a Short Fuze.

The Mega Mac with four McChicken patties instead. Filling.

That guys back.

I want an iPad.

Mete; verb. To dole out punishment.

When I rip scripts it's a job like the pharmacist, and I dispense nothing but name brand dope, so jog on ya fucking joke, ya big girls blouses, you ain't fucking nothing like you supa glued ya trousers.

I won't remember this week so do it for me.
You better take my picture.
Jimmy Juilo Hatzis.

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