Monday, August 9, 2010


Spiritually, I conquer verbally, ya hearda me, not ya average, love colcanon cos I love chewing threw bacon and cabbage, and noone cares about your words, you out of order, like the broken turnstile you dropped a handstyle on, CCTV recording ya.

You can't come up dissing us down, that's like Michael Jackson doing a set at my 13 year old daughters party dressed as a clown.
Ya see fake, I ain't coming through with no weakness, you see the crew and I roll by, you run and youse weepses. Close your eyes but open your peepers, I got a penknife pointed at your weakness. So sleepless, every night I lay awake in bed, dreaming dreams about something that someone else said, so I wink with all eyes open, always above with a select few chosen, none of your talk for now, I've chewed too many Endone's, it's giving me itchy bones, and all I wanna do us stay at home alone, with benzos and cones.

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