Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Spent my university break forgetting a week.
I was in South Australia sorting things out.
Mischief was achieved.

I timetravelled.
2 hours forward,
then an extra hour for Daylight Savings.

Then came back 3 hours. After partaking in the morning Big Day's Out ritual I found invisible student houses, bags of soap, the back of a Paddy Van, Waygu Beef Sausages, Presshafruit bewgs, grifters and invincible train yards.

Add that to my behaviour, photos and stories will be uploaded when I can be fucked.
I incriminate myself with a self destructive fate, the silent echos of my mind only take time to unravel.

Things I Hate In Two Thousand And Ate by Jimmy Hats is now available.

Please contact me by email for details, if there is enough hype I might have a launch party in my backyard. So get hyping. I need a bewg.

20 pages of mind fudging acidic brain melt sludge that will have stainer ink dripping through the pores of your porous empty pockets.
If you miss out on this limited edition signed run then you are a fuckwit scenster pig fuck who sits in the rain and crywanks over pictures of Phar Lap. I think the girl watching me type this is attractive but kazam in about 15 minutes she bailed on me. I thought we really had something.

Jimmy Hats Esquire,
until I get my shit together,
signing off.

I'm slipping again. I can taste that bitter feeling of resentment. I need to go to the pub.

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